International Shipping and Tariffs

※ Please Note: Delivery may be prolonged due to local conditions such as climate, customs or congestion of local post offices.

International Shipping Flow

  1. Complete Purchase
  2. Shipping from warehouse
  3. International Shipping Arrangement
  4. Package Delivery

Customs Inspection  

Customs Inspection tariffs may be imposed


※You are liable for all tariffs, imposed, depending on the price or amount of your purchase. Please check the websites listed below to see the customs regulations for each country or region. 
※ Tariffs are taxes imposed on imported products by customs.

Please refer to the following websites for information regarding customs regulations for each country or region.


Region Code
Country / Region Name
CN China
TW Taiwan
KR Korea
JP Japan
HK Hong Kong
MO Macao
SG Singapore
PH Philippines
TH Thailand
VN Vietnam
MY Malaysia
KH Cambodia
LA Laos
IN India
LK Sri Lanka
PK Pakistan
BD Bangladesh
NP Nepal
BT Bhutan
BN Brunei Darussalam
MV Maldives
MN Mongolia
ID Indonesia
TM Turkmenistan


North America

Region Code
Country / Region Name
US United States
CA Canada



Region Code
Country / Region Name
AU Australia
NZ New Zealand



Region Code
Country / Region Name
GB United Kingdom
FR France
DE Germany
ES Spain
NL Netherlands
IT Italy
RU Russia
IS Iceland
IE Iceland
AZ Azerbaijan
UA Ukraine
EE Estonia
AT Austria
GR Greece
HR Croatia
CH Switzerland
SE Sweden
SK Slovakia
CZ Czech Republic
DK Denmark
NO Norway
HU Hungary
FI Finland
BY Belarus
BE Belgium
PL Poland
PT Portugal
MT The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
LV Latvia
LI Liechtenstein
RO Romania
LU Luxembourg
BG Bulgaria
SI Slovenia